The Jeff Graham cover

The Jeff Graham cover

I’ve been doing this goofy speaking series thing called caffeinated mornings for about 3 years now. And as much as I love meeting the guests and doing the show itself. I love that I get to design a poster for every event. Sometimes they are more art driven…simply expressive notes on the theme of the talk. In time compressed launches they become often literal. But recently we had some time to think about the talk with Jeff Graham. Jeff Graham is a self admitted “Creative account guy”. And this isn’t anything I wouldn’t say in front of him, but his in his blue collar approach to just getting shit done and making good work happen, he expresses an idea that defies most peoples views of the account guy’s relationship with creatives. He sees it as one where there is a beneficial relationship from which great things come. So people have been asking “What’s up with the bee theme.” The answer? Bee keepers are often seen as the caretakers or the handlers of bees. Bee keepers will tell you they are honored that the bees do amazing things for them and that their job is to simply enable the bees to do their thing and that the sweet magic they make just arrives. Thats not too far from Jeff’s take on what he does. Although he’d probably say he’s more like a nose tackle, he clears and opens the path so the team can do what they need to. Jeff titled his talk ” The Suit. Refitted” And since bee keepers and account guys all wear suits ( account guys all still wear suits right?), we thought…”what a great metaphor”.  I know not super inventive…but thats where the idea came from. #themoreyouknowcaff_morn_aug_2015_5

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