The dogs come out to play: the story behind the BlogMutt logo

The dogs come out to play: the story behind the BlogMutt logo


You don’t pick “BlogMutt” as a company name if you’re some stuffy, stodgy organization. And that’s BlogMutt in a nutshell. BlogMutt’s a laid back, friendly blog writing company that succeeds because they’re the simplest, most straightforward, and loyal content partner to their customers. And yet, based on their previous logo and brand, people didn’t know it at the time.

Our challenge:

Create a logo that balances BlogMutt’s fun and approachable personality without compromising the company’s dedication to quality blog content for businesses and agencies.

BlogMutt takes their blogging services and customer needs seriously. But that doesn’t mean they take themselves seriously. The success of the new logo would be judged by its ability to bridge these two notions: a serious service that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We considered the content writing landscape and looked at brand like: TextBroker, Scripted, Contently, and WriterAccess. All fine companies, doing great work. But their names are similar and they have text-based (read: forgettable) logos.

BlogMutt is such a profound departure from those brands that it was imperative we capitalize on this opportunity. BlogMutt, and its logo, had so much potential to go beyond the text-based, undifferentiated competitors in the market. It had to be different, show personality, and be memorable.

But first, to explain and appreciate the journey of the new logo, it’s important to consider the old one.

The old logo didn’t ooze BlogMutt’s innate personality. In fact, some people had a hard time discerning whether the white image in the logo was even a dog or not (especially when the logo had to reduce in scale).

We needed to create a logo that wasn’t too cheesy, too serious, too casual, or too self-important. In a weird way, it had to be all of these and none of these.

Meet Buddy.

Buddy is the name of the dog used in BlogMutt’s new logo. And he’s based on a real-life dog — BlogMutt CEO Scott Yates’s mutt (also named Buddy).

BlogMutt is like the family dog of content marketing: friendly, reassuring, approachable, integral, attentive, loyal, and eager to please (to pick just a few “family dog” adjectives that describes BlogMutt’s approach to business).

As a mutt is a combination of breeds, so too is BlogMutt a combination of writers from different backgrounds, writing for businesses in varying niches, and delivering completely unique posts for each customer.

Unlike the old logo, Buddy looks right at you — ready for action. Buddy’s slightly cocked brown ear isn’t just a representation of his muttness (if that’s even a word); it’s also a cue that Buddy’s listening and waiting for a command.

Buddy’s tail was an important design feature as well. We didn’t want the tail to look so alert that he appeared poised to attack or seem unapproachable. We wanted to find a nice middle-ground of attentiveness, playfulness, and approachability in Buddy’s tail (yes, we really thought that much about the tail).

BlogMutt also wanted a logo that was fun without being ingratiating. Had we slapped a big ol’ smile on Buddy, it would’ve been ingratiating and undermined the serious elements of their service (writing quality, customer support, service improvements, etc.). Instead, we showed restraint and relied on the neckline to connote a subliminal smile.

The logo’s success extends to all of BlogMutt’s branding. Big, bright colors and lots of interchangeable fonts reinforce the mutt-like quality of BlogMutt. The website, branding materials, and infographics all intend to connote a level of playfulness without becoming silly.

By itself, a logo won’t create sales. But in BlogMutt’s case, it informed the rest of the branding, website, and copy. In the month of the new logo’s launch, BlogMutt had their best sales month on record and continues to see marked growth. You can see how it all worked out right here.

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