Designboom covers the Angrybovine “office”

Designboom covers the Angrybovine “office”

We ‘re honored to be covered in DesignBoom, thanks to Chip Kalback for the Photos.

angrybovine constructs its own mobile design studioangrybovine-mobile-design-studio-designboom-01

angrybovine is a brand and design consultancy based in boulder, colorado, headed by graphic designer and founder, jay ferracane. the studio specializes in delivering creativity that builds companies, communicates, and solves business problems. honesty and objective thinking is at the core of their philosophy, even down to how and where they choose to work. dissatisfied with corporate environments, office rent, and paid parking, the entrepreneur was looking for a way to move his design practice closer to home. soon after, his solution came in the form of a fully rethought 1991 silverstreak aluminum trailer.

read the whole article here.


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