Angrybovine apprentice gets press


Angrybovine apprentice gets press

Angrybovine apprentice gets press

Every year, we take a new apprentice. And each year, that apprentice must take on and complete a personal project that encourages them to think more realistically about design, from concept to reality, separately from their school and studio work load. “It’s my belief that you only learn by doing, and often by doing things you may not think you’re responsible for deciding on or participating in” says Jay Ferracane Designer/Founder, Angrybovine.

Brad Ambrose, Cohort 7 at BDW chose to support a band that has been on full rotation in the studio. Spells. is a fun approach that attempts to get the band into Denver’s local punk and alternative 3 day music festival, Riotfest. We’re so happy he launched his project and is getting press. Add your name to the list and let the spells in the Riotfest lineup


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